Galloway and Crawley awards prizes get a boost in MRE contest now open

Military Reporters & Editors celebrates 20 years of awards

WASHINGTON, May 21 – It may not always be easy to come by a raise in our line of work, but Military Reporters & Editors are raising the monetary prizes in our own journalism contest through generous internal funding for both the Joseph L. Galloway Award for Distinguished Journalism and the James Crawley Award. 

Joe Galloway
In honor of Joe Galloway

In honor of our 20th year honoring excellence in military reporting, the Galloway Award winner will now receive a prize of $1,000 while the Crawley Award winner will take home a $400 prize. 

The Joseph L. Galloway Award for Distinguished Journalism, named after UPI combat correspondent and McClatchy Newspapers columnist, highlights the best of show from print journalists. 

The James Crawley Award honors the chief military reporter at the San Diego Union-Tribune who later covered national security and veterans affairs for Media General News Service. 

Both of these awards are chosen by the judges from print journalism entries and are not for individual submission.

This means to be considered for either award, you need to submit at least one entry in another category. There are plenty of new categories from which to choose!

To better reflect how news is gathered and disseminated, we came up with new ways of judging your work.

This year journalists communicating news via the written word – in print (e.g., newspapers, magazines, online, trade publications) can submit work in three categories – breaking news, enterprise writing, and investigative journalism with divisions in three newly defined media markets based on size and distribution.

For the first time, MRE will reward the best podcast.

Recognition of broadcast media journalists includes awards for excellence in television news in two divisions, a television documentary or series. Once again, we will also present an award for best radio feature. Distinction in commentary writing by a print journalist and outstanding photojournalism are also rewarded. Rounding out the MRE awards, work produced by a current journalism student will be recognized for its promise.

You can read more about eligibility and rules on the website. The contest closes June 14 and winners will be announced later this summer. To submit to the contest visit our improved web portal 

You’ve worked hard, done great work, and shined the light where it was needed. Come let us give you a well-deserved pat on the back and for two awardees, an always welcome monetary reward

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