Privatized Military Housing Investigation series wins 2023 MRE journalism contest

Samantha Manning of WSB-TV awarded Television prize by Military Reporters & Editors

Samantha Manning produced a series of unsettling video reports for WSB-TV detailing revolting living conditions military families have experienced living in privatized, on-base housing. The investigation revealed similar, systemic issues around the country, where NDAs were used by these private companies with lengthy contracts with the Department of Defense to reach settlements and keep military families from speaking out. When these findings were brought to the attention of members of the Senate Armed Service Committee, members from both parties expressed disapproval at the practice, and not long after a group of Senators wrote a letter to the Secretary of Defense referencing this reporting, calling on the DoD to prohibit NDAs.

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Broadcast News Privatized Military Housing Investigation series

Prize Category: First Place, Television Coverage — Network / Large Market — Networks (Broadcast and cable) and Top 10 local TV markets

Samantha Manning Biography

Samantha Manning wins 2023 MRE Journalism Contest television prize

Samantha Manning is a Washington D.C. Correspondent for Cox Media Group (CMG) with more than a dozen years of professional television reporting experience. Since arriving to Capitol Hill in 2019, she has developed a passion for covering critical issues impacting service members and their families. Her continuing investigative coverage of privatized military housing has led to calls from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other U.S. Senators for change from the Defense Department. Samantha is continuing to follow these developments today.

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Exclusive: Senators call on DoD to end use of NDAs in privatized military housing

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Privatized Military Housing Investigation