ProPublica sues Navy over court record access

WASHINGTON, August 24 — Covering the U.S. military justice system is a vital part of many a military journalist’s beat. Unfortunately, the services make it extremely difficult to do so.

Unlike civilian courts, the military justice system is largely inaccessible to reporters or the general public. No online repository exists to look up a particular filing, and gaining access to hearings held on bases can be challenging. What’s more, and in stark contrast to the civilian system, the military often makes it very hard to get court records as a case is playing out.

Thankfully, ProPublica is fighting the good fight on this front and has sued the Navy over access to such court records.

Go here to read more about their efforts to hold the Navy accountable to sailors, their families and the American public in general.

Military Reporters and Editors stands in solidarity with ProPublica and urges the services to provide greater transparency when it comes to the inner workings of military justice.

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