Military Reporters & Editors Association on the 10th anniversary of Austin Tice’s kidnapping

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Military Reporters & Editors Association urges President Joe Biden and his administration to continue pressing the Syrian government to return Austin Tice after 10 long years of captivity.

Austin Tice (Courtesy Tice Family)
Austin Tice (Courtesy Tice Family)

President Biden has said the U.S. government knows “with certainty” that Tice is being held by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. MRE is encouraged that the Biden administration has reportedly reached out to Syrian government officials to attempt the beginning of negotiations for Tice’s release.

Any diplomatic rapprochement between the United States and Syria must include Tice’s safe return to his family. Tice is a non-combatant. He went to Syria to tell the stories of people caught up in a vicious civil war. There can be no justification for his further detention.

The Biden administration has a moral obligation to do all within its power to bring Tice home to his family. Every day he remains in captivity is a stain on this nation’s honor.