Military Reporters & Editors Association calls for the release of Austin Tice

On the ninth anniversary of journalist Austin Tice’s abduction in Syria, the Military Reporters & Editors Association urges the U.S. and Syrian governments to renew efforts to return Tice safely to his family.

To Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: If Tice is in the custody of forces either under your direct control or aligned with your government, we encourage you to do all that is within your power to secure his release. Tice’s abduction is a crime.

To Tice’s captors: Whatever value you expected to reap from holding Tice hostage has not transpired. You have no reason to keep him from his family any longer.

To President Joe Biden: The Military Reporters & Editors Association expects your administration to succeed where past U.S. government efforts have failed. Tice was captured while telling the world about the suffering of the Syrian people. Every day that he is kept from his family is a stain in this nation’s honor.

It’s time for Tice to come home. God willing, this will finally be the year that he is safely reunited with his family.

Jeff Schogol
Military Reporters & Editors Association