2007 MRE Journalism Contest final deadline

Friday deadline for MRE contest entries

Friday — March 30 — at 5 p.m. is the final, ultimate and can’t be postponed deadline for entries in the 2007 Military Reporters and Editors Journalism contest.

We have entries from across the country, from niche publications to large publications and television stations, but we still have room on the shelf for more entries. But, use overnight delivery to send in entries now. We don’t want your entry to arrive late.

Remember, the new categories — television and online.

Also, MRE members can submit one contest entry for free and additional entries at a discount.

The third annual contest also retains the Joe Galloway Award for Distinguished Journalism, which provides a $2,000 award to the Best-of-Show writing.

The additional categories, said MRE President James W. Crawley, were recognition of the fine work done by TV and online journalists in the coverage of military, national security and veterans issues here and abroad.

Television entrants have two subcategories — Network/Large Market and Small Market — to choose from when entering. All online entries will be grouped together, regardless of the website organization’s size or affiliation.

Print and photography categories remain the same as previous years. Entries will be separated into domestic and international coverage and large and small publications in the print category and large and small publications in the photography category.

Another change in contest rules will allow entrants to submit two entries per category.

Entry fees will be $50 for non-MRE members. MRE members will get one free entry with additional entries costing $25 each. Non-members can apply and submit annual dues at the time of entry and garner the MRE membership rate.

The deadline for all entries is March 30, 2007, for works published, broadcast or posted online during calendar year 2006. Complete contest rules and entry forms are available for download on the MRE website. See below.

Winners will be announced in August. The winners will be honored at the annual conference in October in Washington.

2007 MRE Journalism Contest Entry Form and Rules