2004 MRE Journalism Contest opens

MRE Announces Reporting Contest

March 12, 2004

Dear MRE members:

One of our goals has for some time been to promote excellence on the military beat. We are finally taking a major step with the announcement of our first-ever MRE reporting awards to recognize outstanding military and national defense coverage.

In a few days, Military Reporters and Editors will announce that our group will select the top print and broadcast military reporting for 2003 and honor the winners at our annual conference this fall. We will select a total of eight recipients — four print and four broadcast, from large and small markets — and an unspecified number of journlalists whose work will be noted as “dinstinguished” by our judges.

Faculty from Northwestern University’s Medill School will judge the contest, which we expect to become a yearly fixture and one of the centerpieces of our annual gathering. Because of budget constraints, we cannot at this time offer cash prizes but we will seek funding to do so in the future. We hope that all of you will consider entering and please consider passing this message to others who cover the military.

The contest is open to anyone who qualifies, including non-MRE members.

MRE will continue to post information about the contest on our web site over the next several days, www.militaryreporters.org, and will also get the word out through word of mouth and postings on journalism web sites and billboards.

Continued success to all and keep up the good work.

Dave Moniz

Entry form and contest rules below.